Our 5-week Lent Course for 2018 takes the theme ‘Remember You Are But Dust’ and explores the themes of grief, dying and preparing for death – something that will affect us all at many times in our lives with family and friends. Everyone is welcome – the format is a talk by one of the clergy or an external speaker followed by questions, answers and debate. Refreshments are served and the sessions are 7.30pm – 9pm at St George’s Church Hall, St George’s Close, Jesmond, NE2 2TF. You are free to attend all or any of the sessions – just turn up, there is no need to book. There is no charge.
The first talk is on Thursday 22nd February on the theme of grief. The second talk on Thursday 1st March will be led by Dr Kathryn Mannix, a Newcastle-based consultant in palliative care for the NHS, who has spent most of her life working with dying patients. Her book entitled ‘With the End in Mind: Dying, Death and Wisdom in an Age of Denial’ has just been published. She has some thought provoking quotes:
“We fear death but normal dying is less painful then normal childbirth. This is the last bit of our lives. How can we make sure we’ve done the things that count?
Dr Mannix was recently interviewed by The Sunday Times Magazine.
Later talks will explore the themes of preparing for a death, dying and asking ‘what now?’.
For more information please contact St George’s – call the Parish Office on 0191 281 1652 or email office@stgeorgesjesmond.org.uk.